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So, who am I?

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I'm Tracy! Owner and operator at Oak & Willow Florist.

My Inspiration

Lucky enough, I've been surrounded by flowers my entire life. Witnessing my entrepreneur parent's build their floral nursery business from the ground up is truly inspiring. I continuously look up to them in awe. To this day, I'm fascinated with how extremely hard they've worked to grow their business and I dream to one day to be just as or more successful. They're my true inspiration and goals I hope to reach.

About Oak & Willow

Quite honestly, I never had the intention of Oak & Willow to be where it's at today. I started the business as a side hustle selling single stemmed dried flowers and that's where my main focus was going to be. I recall at the beginning stages of my business; I had a customer ask for me to make her bridal bouquet. I thought to myself, "I've been trained to make bouquets and arrangements in the past so why the heck not?" From there, I've never stopped and gradually got into weddings and events!

Something Sentimental

At seventeen, I felt I had an entrepreneurial spirit gushing to come out. Every Valentine's Day, I would take advantage of my parent's membership at the local wholesale market and bring in hundreds of red rose stems. I would take the week off from work to sell and deliver these bouquets to friends, family and the general public at the nursery. To this day, I make it a traditional that I will always make fresh red rose bouquets for the holiday.

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