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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Take advantage of all the great benefits of fresh Eucalyptus! Transform your own bathroom into your personal spa by hanging Eucalyptus in your shower-the steam from the hot shower activates the natural oils in the eucalyptus that will help with decongestion, inflammation, headaches, stress, and muscle tightness. How to take care of your Eucalyptus? Here's the step by step to ensure your Eucalyptus is taken care of!

Placing your stems in a vase?

When you receive your bundle of Eucalyptus, carefully remove the wrapping and ribbon.

  1. Prep your vase with luke warm water

  2. Cut the Eucalyptus stems on a 90 degree angle and straight into the water (Try to avoid leaving the stems out for too long after cutting the stems - as the bottom may start to dry and won't be able to absorb as much water as possible)

  3. When placing the stems into water, avoid submerging your eucalyptus leaves in water (you may remove the leaves accordingly) When they're submerged into water, bacteria from the leaves that decay can build up. You don't want to be feeding your Eucalyptus stems with bacteria water!

  4. Don't forget to change the water every week - they should last up to 3 weeks!

Hanging your stems in the shower?

Every bundle of Eucalyptus comes with a long ribbon just for this use! Carefully remove the wrapping and ribbon. This is the perfect method to dry your eucalyptus stems and also take advantage of their great benefits at the same time!

  1. Place your bundle of stems behind the shower head to avoid direct water

  2. With this method, you'll have a full on personal spa for up to a week, as the eucalyptus dries perfectly upside down, you'll then have perfect decor pieces for your home!

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